ENAC Clusters

ENAC is EPFL’s faculty for sustainable development of the natural and built environment. At a time of major social and environmental upheaval, our mission is to address some of the biggest world challenges today: the threat of ecosystem collapse, the upkeep and renewal of infrastructures, the rapid urbanization, and energy-intensive lifestyles. Our researchers apply their expertise in three strategic areas:

  • Climate change.
  • Digitalization.
  • Urbanization.

Clusters: solving challenges through interdisciplinary research

We have set up two research Clusters – one for each of our last two strategic focus areas.

The entities feature specific expertise on selected topics from different researchers, universities, research institutes, think tanks and civil society. They provide practical and sustainable solutions to political, economic and social needs.

1. Cluster “Digitalization of Infrastructures and Cities

This cluster explores opportunities related to digitalization and big data to nurture the ecological and social transition. It aims to develop tools and methods for improved infrastructure and city management, with three objectives:

  • Designing with resource constraints and radical rethinking of construction.
  • Move from “data” to “knowledge” to support policy-making – sensing and actuation for a sustainable built environment.
  • Adding simulation layers to digital twins for physical infrastructure design, operation and maintenance.

2. Cluster “Sustainable Territories

This cluster aims to rethink urbanization to make it socially and ecologically sustainable. It offers a holistic vision of the urban system with three objectives:

  • Modelling sustainable territorial development as a system-of-systems.
  • Linking multiple scales and technology through network analysis and modeling.
  • Transformation territories by reshaping the links between urban and rural areas.

The list of projects will be available soon, so check back soon!


The aim of this grant is to foster new interdisciplinary research collaborations within the ENAC clusters.

tronc d'arbre FUSTIC

FUSTIC is a network of partners. The association connects ENAC researchers with other research organisations as well as private or public partners.