School council

The Council is where the right of participation is expressed.
The Council approves strategic proposals related to the education of Bachelors and Masters, research and planification of the faculty.
  • Education (Creation and suppression of diplomas, determination of educational evaluation methodology)
  • Research (Annual Report, Research general policy)
  • Planification (Strategic planification, creation or closure of institutes or centres)
  • Faculty policy
  • Approval of nomination proposals according to each faculty policy

It is the part of the faculty which receives the propositions coming from faculty members (proposition right).

The minutes of the meetings (french) are published on the Faculty Council website.

  • The Dean who presides the Council
  • 4 representatives of the teaching body – CENS
  • 4 representatives of the intermediary body – CI
  • 4 representatives of the administrative and technical body – CAT
  • 4 representatives of the students body – CET
  • The ENAC administrator, permanent guest
  • The secretary

CENS, CI and CAT terms of office last 2 years while CET’s last 1 year.

Members can (re)stand for election at the end of the term.

You can see your representatives on Council Members page.

The Council meets 4 times per Academic year, for meetings lasting 1 hour 30.


Next meeting

  • Tuesday 17 October, 16h00-17h30, room GC B1 10
  • Tuesday 5 December, 16h00-17h30, room GC B1 10

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