Roundtable discussion with ENAC Deans

In this roundtable, all former Deans of ENAC School from the past 20 years will discuss their visions about the future of ENAC education in the light of future sustainability challenges.

Laurent Vulliet

Full Professor, Soil Mechanics Laboratory
(ENAC Dean 2002-2008)

Marc B. Parlange (remote)

President, University of Rhode Island
(ENAC Dean 2008-2013)

Marilyne Andersen

Full Professor, Laboratory of Integrated Performance in Design
(ENAC Dean 2013-2018)

D. Andrew Barry

Full Professor, Ecological Engineering Laboratory
(ENAC Dean a. i. 2018-2019)

Claudia R. Binder

Full Professor, Laboratory on Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems
(ENAC Dean since 2020)

Moderation: Alain Jeannet – Journalist