Geosystems and natural resources

A blue sky with moutains in the horizon with the title "Geosystems and natural resources" in the foreground.

With the increase in densification of the world population in big cities, increased natural hazards related to climate change and the necessity of an energy transition, geosystems and their relations with natural resources will require radical research innovations in the coming decades.

Moreover, with the necessary transformation of our society toward a shared and circular economy, the built environment will have to assume an active role in the supply of natural resources, such as energy, water and recycled materials, at neighborhood, district and regional levels. This will require radical innovations in the construction sector. The need to factor long life buildings and infrastructure cycles and guarantee periods is dampening the innovative spirit of the related actors. Broader systemic implications, including digitalization’s ability to break down boundaries in-between demand and supply sectors, will lead to more transformative impacts in favor of new construction services and methods.

Laboratories :


Laboratory of Soil Mechanics – Chaire gaz naturel Petrosvibri


Geo-Energy Laboratory


Laboratory of Experimental Rock Mechanics


Rock Physics and Geofluids Laboratory