NanoSolar Patents


WO2017134589 (A1) : Coating for optical and electronic applications – Single- or multilayered coating, such as a selective solar absorber coating or a coating being part of an integrated electronic circuit, comprising one or more layers containing germanium (Ge) doped VO2+x, where -0.1 ≤ x ≤ 0.1.
Krammer Anna, Paone Antonio, Schüler Andreas

PCT/IB2017/051952: Solar cooker
Mauree Dasaraden, Schueler Andreas, Diévart Alexandre, Bouvard Olivia

WO2014024146  EP2882921Glazing with embedded microstructures for daylighting and seasonal thermal control,
Kostro André, Schüler Andreas

WO 2014045141 A2: Laminated glazing with coloured reflection and high solar transmittance suitable for solar energy systems
Le Caër Hody Virginie, Schüler Andreas (Déposant SwissInso SA)

WO 2014045144 A1: Interference filter with angular independent orange colour of reflection and high solar transmittance, suitable for roof-integration of solar energy systems
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