“Renewable Energies” Cluster


open and informal

06 June 2024 at 13:30        Room GC B1 10     

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According to the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050, Switzerland’s future energy system shall be mainly based on renewable energies. A massive world-wide shift towards renewable energies will be needed in order to tackle the upcoming challenges related to climate change.

EPFL’s faculty of Natural and Built Environment ENAC brings together cutting-edge research and solid competences in renewable energies such as hydropower, solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, and biomass. The knowledge on potential and availability of the renewable energy sources, as well as on the latest innovative energy conversion technologies, is perfectly matched within the ENAC faculty by the environmental sciences establishing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation of climate change due to renewable energy use. Responsible landscape and district planning as well as inspired architecture will contribute to the integration of Renewable Energies in our Natural and Built Environment.

At the ENAC faculty, we believe strongly in the value of interdisciplinary research. Therefore, we encourage our laboratories and interested industrial partners to develop more and more scientific collaborations with researchers from complementary domains.

We have started out the Renewable Energies Cluster of the ENAC faculty as an open platform for informal networking. Allowing for a bottom-up approach, our networking platform gives room for making novel professional contacts and exchanging inspiring ideas. We are currently organizing several meetings per year. In the long term we hope that the activity of the cluster generates a bundle of fascinating innovative projects in renewable energy research and development, supporting likewise the energy transition for a more sustainable future.


Nanosolar group, CRYOS

WIRE, CClab, UNFOLD (STI faculty)

Christian Ludwig group (GR-LUD)

Jan van Herle group (STI faculty)

Energy Center (EPFL)


Enterprise for Society Center (EPFL, UNIL & IMD)