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Diversity and Inclusivity Resources at EPFL

Get to know the specific arrangements for lectures and/or exams at EPFL for students and PhD students with disabilities. 

Learn what inclusive language is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to effectively improve your academic and personal communication skills.

All students and employees at EPFL have the responsibility to maintain a safe and respectful environment. Learn about the rules, codes of conduct, and regulations that make EPFL a safe and supportive workplace.

If you are subjected to aggressive or threatening behavior (related to issues of personal safety), call +41 21 693 30 00 (or 115 from an EPFL land line). 

If you’re experiencing discrimination, mobbing, harassment or anything else, talk about it as soon as possible and learn here how to find help.

At EPFL the procedure for resolving a case of psychological or sexual harassment can involve either an informal resolution or a formal complaint. Learn about the process here.

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