ENAC Diversity Office Working Groups

Communication and information working group


This working group tackles two aspects related to the transfer of information. On the one hand, the group collects, analyzes, interprets, and shares data that characterize the current status of diversity at ENAC. On the other hand, it seeks to gather and disseminate the most recent information about strategies to foster an inclusive and diverse work and study environment.

One of the priorities of the working group is to address the issue of stereotypes and seek strategies for combatting pre-conceived notions about groups of people. The second is to help guide the community towards the use of more inclusive language and to enhance the representation of minorities in everyday communication at ENAC.

Onboarding and ENAC culture working group


The onboarding and ENAC culture working group aims at making ENAC a safe and welcoming community for everyone. It addresses two stages of life at ENAC. For newcomers, the aims are to inform them about ENAC’s values of inclusiveness and respect, and to ensure that everyone feels at home at ENAC. For current members, the onboarding and ENAC culture working group aims at increasing awareness of unconscious bias and its impact on those around us. The first actions of the onboarding and ENAC culture working group will focus on articulating a set of core values for ENAC and on devising ways to ensure the implementation of those values through onboarding.

Recruitment & retention working group


The recruitment and retention working group is tasked with attracting a diverse group of students, staff members and professors to ENAC and with ensuring the work/study environment is conducive to their retention. Thus, this working group aims to build a more diverse ENAC, and works with the other working groups to achieve this goal. One of the priorities of the working group is to identify best practices for promoting diversity in hiring and retention.