Inclusive Language Glossary

Terms related to Disability

Avoid Try Instead
Able-Bodied Non-disabled
Alcoholic A person with alcoholism
Autistic Neurodiverse person/person with autism
Crazy/Ocd/Lame/Bipolar Wild, Intense
Deaf Person Deaf (ask for the person’s preference)
Diabetic Person with diabetes
Disabled Person with a disability
Handicapped People With Disabillities
Handicapped Parking Accessible parking
Husband And Wife Wife And Husband
Madman/Woman Lunatic
Normal Avoid calling any group of people normal.
Stutterer A person who stutters
Suffers From … Has …, Person With …
Victim Survivor
Wheel-Chair Bound Wheelchair user

Terms related to Forms of Address

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Brother/Sister Sibling
Christian Name First Name
Dear Sirs Dear Sir Or Madam
Forefathers Ancestors
Gentleman/Woman Man/Woman
Girls/Lady Woman
Guys People
He/She They/Them
Hey Guys Hey All/Everyone
Ladies and Gentlemen Colleagues/Attendees/Guests
Maiden Name Last Name
Man Person
Men And Women Women And Men
Mother/Father Parent/Guardian
Mothers Parents
Son/Daughter Child
The Common Man The Average Person
The Man In The Street The Average Person
Wives/Husbands Partners

Terms related to Occupations

Avoid Try Instead
Actress Actor
Anchorman/Woman Anchor/Newscaster
Bellboy Bellhop
Busboy Kitchen Helper
Businessman Business Executive
Cameraman Camera Operator
Chairman/Chairwoman Chair(Person)
Chambermaid Hotel Cleaner
Commiteeman/Woman Committee Member
Craftsman Artisan
Crewman Crewmember
Fireman Firefighter
Fisherman Angler
Foreman Supervisor
Handyman Repairperson
Horseman/Woman Equestrian
Hostess Host
House Maid House Cleaner
Housewife Homemaker
Lawman Officer/Sheriff
Layman/Woman Nonprofessional
Mailman Mail Carrier
Man-Hour Staff Hour
Mankind Humanity/People/Humankind
Manmade Synthetic/Artificial
Manpower Workforce/Employees
Marksman Sharpshooter
Masterplan Grand Plan
Newsman Reporter
Repairman Technician
Research Fellow Research Associate
Salesman Salesperson
Seamstress Tailor
Serviceman Service Member
Spokesman Spokesperson/Representative
Statesman Politician
Steward/Stewardess Flight Attendant
To Man To Staff/Run/Operate
Waiter/Waitress Server
Watchman Guard
Workman/Woman Workers
Workmanship Expertise
Workmen Workers

Terms related to Sex/Race

Avoid Try Instead
Blacks Black Faculty/Students Etc
Gypped Cheated
It’s Not That Black And White It’s Not That Clear
Lesbians/Gays/Bisexuals Lesbian/gay/bisexual people
Sexual Preference Sexual Orientation
Straight/Normal People Heterosexuals

Terms related to Socioeconomic Status

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Citizens The Public
Class Socioeconomic Status
Disadvantaged Low-opportunity
Foreigner Resident/Visitor/Immigrant
Ghetto Under-resourced Neighborhood
Minorities Underrepresented Group