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Estefania Mompean Botias in front of a global map of disasters and emergencies © 2022 EPFL, Alain Herzog - CC BY-SA 4.0

“Emergencies are becoming increasingly common”

— Architect and urban planner Estefania Mompean Botias is writing her thesis on architecture in the context of emergency situations. As part of her work, she’s developing a global atlas of local emergency management practices.

The new building houses the Alpine and Polar Environmental Research Centre. © Olivier Maire

EPFL plans new research center in Valais on the energy transition

— Ten years after signing the agreement to open its Valais Wallis campus in Sion, today EPFL opened a new building on the campus: Alpole, which will serve as a research center on alpine and polar environments. EPFL also took the opportunity to unveil plans to create another research center in Sion – one focused on the energy transition – and has obtained preliminary approval from the Valais cantonal government.

Prof. Fernando Porté-Agel is doing a minature wind turbine demonstration.© Alain Herzog

“Fluid mechanics is a fascinating field because it's very visual”

— EPFL professor Fernando Porté-Agel has won the ENAC Polysphère Award for the second time in under a decade. He uses concrete examples and novel teaching methods to make fluid mechanics a fun, interactive topic to study. 

René Vittone - 2007 © Mirjana Rittmeyer

Remembering René Vittone

— Professor Emeritus René Vittone taught at EPFL from 1976 to 1992 and is the author of the university textbook Bâtir – Manuel de la construction. He passed away on 31 October 2022.

Cyril Veillon © 2022 EPFL / Alain Herzog - CC BY-SA 4.0

“We hope people will come and put our architects on the spot”

— Cyril Veillon has been the director of Archizoom, EPFL’s cultural center for architecture exhibitions and conferences, for nearly 15 years. He helps drive change by fostering dialogue between architects and the general public.

© 2022 EPFL

EPFL pays homage to Prof. Mario Bevilacqua

— Prof. Mario Bevilacqua sadly passed away on 2 October 2022. He taught at EPFL’s architecture department from 1974 to 1997.

© 2022 EPFL

EPFL pays homage to François Iselin

— François Iselin sadly passed away on 11 October 2022. He worked as an expert advisor, researcher and teacher at the institute of architectural engineering, within EPFL’s department of architecture, until 2005.

Raphaël Ahumada is rowing on Lake Geneva.©Alexia Ferri

Raphaël Ahumada juggles architecture and rowing

— The 21-year-old student, who’s on EPFL’s specialist track for elite athletes, splits his days between virtual classes, intensive training sessions and international races.

© 2022 EPFL

Appointment of two professors at ENAC

— Professor Martin Ackermann, currently Full Professor at ETH Zurich, is additionally appointed as Full Professor of Microbial Systems Ecology in the ENAC School. Professor Jérôme Chappellaz, currently Director of Research at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), France, will join the ENAC School as Full Professor of Environmental Engineering (Environmental Observation under Extreme Conditions), in Sion.

© 2022 EPFL

ENAC celebrates its 20 years and three disciplines in style

— On 2 September 2022, EPFL’s School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) celebrated its 20th anniversary at a high-energy event featuring expert perspectives on the challenges lying ahead.

© 2022 EPFL

EPFL pays homage to Silvia Hostettler

— Dr. Silvia Hostettler passed away on 16 August 2022. She served as teacher and researcher at EPFL, ENAC.

Elena Cogato Lanza has been teaching at EPFL for about 20 years. © Alain Herzog / EPFL

Elena Cogato Lanza awarded the title of Adjunct Professor

— Elena Cogato Lanza is a leading researcher in the history and theory of urban planning. The ETH-Council has awarded her the title of Adjunct Professor.

© 2022 EPFL

“Using our skills to restore people's dignity“

— Robert Mardini has been the director-general of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) since 2020. In this interview, Mardini – who holds a civil engineering degree from EPFL – gives us an overview of the ICRC’s work and discusses the links between science and humanitarian action. He touches on topics like the Ukraine crisis, the impact of global warming, and the growing role of technology in armed conflict.

© 2022 EPFL

“I've always dreamt of contributing to a more sustainable future”

— Jérémy Fleury is a doctoral assistant at EPFL’s Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB). He hopes that in the future, he’ll be able to keep combining his love of the mountains with work on renewable energy.

Matteo Favre during the finals of the 2022 Ski Mountaineering World Cup © Florent Delaloye © Florent Delaloye

“Competing in ski mountaineering at the 2026 Olympics would be huge”

— Matteo Favre, a Bachelor’s student in EPFL’s Section of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, is also a member of the Swiss ski mountaineering team. He’s landed several podium finishes this season, including in the men’s senior category.

© 2022 EPFL

Nomination and promotion at ENAC

— Dr Wenyu Gu, currently Post-Doctoral Scholar at Stanford University, USA, is nominated as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering. Professor Marie Violay, currently Tenure Track Assistant Professor at EPFL, is promoted as Associate Professor of Rock Mechanics.

Martin Steinmann. © Bernard Zurbuchen

EPFL pays homage to Prof. Martin Steinmann

— Honorary Professor Martin Steinmann passed away on 10 March 2022. He served as a professor of architecture theory and project design at ENAC from 1987 to 2007.

© 2022 EPFL

Six nominations and a promotion at ENAC School

— The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of six news professors at ENAC School and promoted Associate Professor Rizlan Bernier-Latmani as Full Professor.

And 20 years from now? “I hope to have created something of my own". © Alain Herzog/ EPFL

“Being 18 in today's world makes me hopeful”

— Natacha Romanens is in the third year of her apprenticeship to become a physics laboratory assistant at EPFL’s Laboratory of Soil Mechanics (LMS).

Kenan Zhang and Nikolas Geroliminis. © 2021 EPFL

Nomination of Kenan Zhang and promotion of Nikolas Geroliminis

— The ENAC Faculty strengthens its competences in the field of transportation with the nomination of Kenan Zhang as Tenure Track Assistant Professor and the promotion of Nikolas Geroliminis as Full Professor. 


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