Testing and services

Structural Engineering Group GIS-GE, experimental platform

LESO-PB building

In its early years used to test different façade types, the LESO – Solar energy and building physics laboratory – building now allows testing of daylighting and façade control systems.

Other resources of the laboratory include a nanotechnical laboratory, a direct sunlight simulator, a scanning sky simulator, a photobiological laboratory…

Pierre Loesch – LESO-PB

Experimental facilities and workshops

We offer up-to-date equipements in our workshops and exceptional experimental facilities at various scales, including the ability to test large-scale structures in our experimental halls.

Sylvain DemierreStructural engineering group
Pierre Loesch – IIC Workshop coordinator

IT facilities

ACCES provides the knowledge and resources required by EPFL members to learn, develop, implement and optimize the use of computational methodologies as a research and educational tool to resolve complex engineering problems and to communicate their results to the scientific, student and general communities.

ACCES website: Application-Centered Computational Engineering Science

HPC resources provide the scientific community with computational resources for simulation and high / medium performance computing.

ENAC IT HPC website: High Performance Computing et Calcul scientifique (French only)