Open Science at ENAC

At ENAC, we support the adoption of open science (OS) principles in research, teaching and innovation, by creating an environment facilitating and valuing openly accessible and reproducible research, educating students of all levels on OS principles and opportunities and strengthening the knowledge and technology transfers to the society, on the basis of OS research outputs.

Prof. Katrin Beyer

The adoption of open science principles is a decision of the PI, which might differ from project to project. ENAC’s role is to offer services that make the implementation of reproducible science and open science principles easy.

Prof. Katrin Beyer, ENAC Dean

Why ENAC fosters Open Science?

  • To accelerate research processes, facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative research.
  • To increase ENAC’s visibility.
  • To make our young researchers competitive: OS will be the new norm, it is essential for our young researchers to engage in it.

Open Research Highlights

Open Scripts & Software

Open Datasets

Open Science Funding Highlights

Publishing in Open Access

  • To ensure ENAC-educated professionals have the know-how to accelerate open knowledge transfer from academia to practice.
  • To ensure our students make good use of Open Educational resources (OER) during their studies and beyond.
  • To educate citizens who are aware about good principles for research funded with public money. 

Open Educational Resources

Open Innovation
  • To increase the impact on ENAC’s research on the private and public sector and to accelerate the tech transfer process.
  • To take societal responsibility by sharing openly results of societal importance, such as our sustainability challenges.
  • To explore new avenues of tech transfer on the basis of OS artefacts, e.g. within the association FUSTIC.


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