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Take part in the upcoming Coffee Lectures

— The Library is pleased to invite you to the upcoming Coffee Lectures, 15-minute online training courses, in English, every Tuesday morning at 10am.

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ACOUA: A new archive for preservation of research data

— ACOUA (Academic Output Archive) is the new institutional archive for long-term preservation of research data produced by EPFL, ensuring integrity of your datasets over time.

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Registration now open for EuroTech Summer School on Open Science!

— The Summer School ‘Open Science in Practice’ is back on EPFL campus, 2-6 September 2019, after the success of the 2017 edition. One week to learn how to boost the quality and impact of your research! The programme is organised by and for doctoral students and early career researchers, with generous support from the EuroTech Universities alliance.

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Pre-prints and journal clubs: empowering the next generation of peers

— In this blog post, Samantha Hindle and Daniela Saderi describe PREreview — a resource they built to facilitate collaborative review of preprints. Their motivation is that by bringing preprints, journal clubs and open peer review under the same roof, PREreview would benefit authors who would get the feedback, and help involve more (and early career) scientists in the evaluation of science. This article was originally published on the eLife Labs blog on Oct 25, 2017 under a Creative Commons license. It is reproduced in full here and is meant to be an introduction to the topic of the presentation Dr. Daniela Saderi will give at EPFL on Thursday 21 March at 17:15. More information and registration to the event is available on the memento page.

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EPFL encourages its researchers to publish in open-access journals

— EPFL has adopted an Open Access Policy clearly setting out its position on open access to EPFL publications. The School has also published an amendment to its copyright transfer agreement to assist authors in their negotiations with publishers.