Code and research data management survey

— EPFL Library is running its biennial survey to understand your needs and practices for data and code management, with a special focus on data and code dissemination. The quiz will only run until July 10, 2021.

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A warning to be careful with predatory publishers

— As member of the scientific community, you are often contacted by predatory publishers to publish your research or to present it at questionable conferences. It is very important that you do not respond to these solicitations. These publishers do not guarantee any quality or scientific integrity. Peer-review, proofreading and editing steps are usually scarce and the manuscript is often immediately published after submission. The publication of your research in these journals has very little scientific value and can damage your reputation and that of EPFL.

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Read & Publish agreement with publisher Wiley

— In the frame of the Swiss national strategy on Open Access, a transformative agreement Read & Publish has been signed by swissuniversities with academic publisher John Wiley & Sons.

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Take part in the upcoming Coffee Lectures

— The Library is pleased to invite you to the upcoming Coffee Lectures, 15-minute online training courses, in English, every Tuesday morning at 10am.

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ACOUA: A new archive for preservation of research data

— ACOUA (Academic Output Archive) is the new institutional archive for long-term preservation of research data produced by EPFL, ensuring integrity of your datasets over time.