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ENAC researchers work at the crossroads of the built and natural environments. They explore the many facets of our world — from underground microbial networks to complex urban mechanisms — with a clear focus on innovative, sustainability-oriented solutions.

Our three institutes and over 70 laboratories are recognized internationally for their research excellence and their cross-disciplinary approach. Our teams also collaborate with the broader scientific community and various public and private partners within prestigious organizations.

ENAC’s labs are located across three different EPFL campuses (Lausanne, Fribourg and Sion) and benefit from state-of-the-art equipment. They are designed to foster open and reproducible science, paving the way to new discoveries and encouraging knowledge sharing.

Institute of Architecture and the City – IA

The Institute of Architecture (IA) addresses the systemic challenges posed by the ongoing climate crisis, rapid urbanization, digitalization and the threat of ecosystem collapse, as they relate to our built environment. Its ambition is to use transdisciplinary design-focused research to develop coherent, progressive and inclusive visions and solutions for our future, operating as catalysts for the ecological transition that is vital for human habitation on the planet.

Civil Engineering Institute – IIC

The Civil Engineering Institute (IIC) conducts multidisciplinary research with a primary focus on the sustainability of infrastructure and geosystems, new sources of energy, distributed energy systems, and mobility and transportation. Through multi-scale experimental and computational research, IIC embraces technological literacy and promotes open science.

Environmental Engineering Institute – IIE

The Environmental Engineering Institute (IIE) pioneers adaptation to environmental changes as part of sustainable design. Its emphasis is on translational science based on a rigorous understanding of the environment, seamless integration of data and models, humans as integral components of environmental systems, and the development of novel, leading-edge technologies.

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