Raytraverse: a workflow for architectural spaces climate based daylight simulation

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What is the project about? Raytraverse is a python library and command line tool that helps to mitigate the challenges of simulating and evaluating large amounts of rendered lightfield data. To quantify the daylight conditions in a building spans seven dimensions: three dimensional space, two dimensional viewing direction, time, and wavelength so every daylighting simulation (…)

ODyN: a straightforward interface for trajectory estimation

Open Science, Open Software

What is the project about? In the fields of robotics and geodesy/mapping, a specific type of factor graph known as Dynamic Networks has emerged over the past decade, designed to estimate the trajectory of an agent (e.g., a robot, drone, airplane) by tightly integrating data from its on-board sensors. This is a crucial task for (…)

Monash Flood Portal

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  Floods are one of the most common natural disasters globally, mainly caused by atmospheric conditions that lead to heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt, or storm surge. When the surface runoff exceeds the capacity of the drainage network and surface water cannot enter the sewerage system, the drainage network overflows, resulting in overland flow, which marks (…)

Video | New, sustainable structures installed at three iconic sites in Geneva

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Education project led by the Design Studio on the Conception of Space (ALICE) – 2023

Video | What will the Grande Dixence region look like 200 years from now?

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Master’s project in architecture – 2023


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A technology for permafrost thermal stabilization


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An AI-powered tool for assisted building design


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Automated visual impact assessment

Video | Science popularization “Une ville où tu respires”

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In the video intended for young audiences «Une ville où tu respires», our experts present their research on traffic and congestion management, urban greening, urban planning on a neighborhood scale, and the impact of pollution on health and mobility.

Swissnex San Francisco: Reimagining Living


FUSTIC is partnering with Swissnex in San Francisco to explore the future of cities. Uniting our
Swiss perspective with Bay Area insights, the event on 19 October 2023 provides a platform to
discuss and rethink how we design, build, and live within our cities.