Video | ENAC at EPFL Open Doors 2023

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About 25 000 people attended EPFL Open Days on April 29 and 30, 2023. More than 200 ENAC staff members were engaged all weekend to promote and present the various activities of the faculty. In the SG building, the public was able to discover the interdisciplinary approach of our three sections as well as the (…)

SyNNergy program fund webinar


In collaboration with the SPEI (Vaud State) and Innovaud,  FUSTIC organized one hour webinar about the SyNNergy program fund.


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Quantifying soil organic matter formation under microbial consortia amendments


ENAC Transdisciplinary Cluster Grants, Grants

Schoolyards as public spaces: the role of design characteristics in the mutualization of teenage schoolyards


ENAC Transdisciplinary Cluster Grants, Grants

Seasonal activities between mountains and lakes


ENAC Transdisciplinary Cluster Grants, Grants

The territory as interface in the co-production of urban intelligences

Smart Tools for Timber Drilling Assisted with Augmented Reality

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New augmented reality platforms using robotic technologies can assist with wood fabrication tasks, which can be made openly accessible using simple sensors or displays with an augmented reality framework developed in Linux and C++.

CCFatigue Data Platform


Composite materials fatigue database and life prediction – open research platform The CCFatigue platform offers a standardized and interoperable database for sharing, accessing and analyzing material testing datasets. It is composed of(1) A database, with composite material fatigue and fracture test data and(2) A suite of calculation modules allowing users to experiment with their own (…)


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It’s getting crowded in here: balancing indoor climate regulation and pathogen control to minimize energy use and public health burden in urban environments


ENAC Flagship projects, Grants

Ecological and climate impacts of Greenlandic glacial outwash plains