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The territory as interface in the co-production of urban intelligences

Smart Tools for Timber Drilling Assisted with Augmented Reality

Open Science, Open Software

New augmented reality platforms using robotic technologies can assist with wood fabrication tasks, which can be made openly accessible using simple sensors or displays with an augmented reality framework developed in Linux and C++.

CCFatigue Data Platform


Composite materials fatigue database and life prediction – open research platform The CCFatigue platform offers a standardized and interoperable database for sharing, accessing and analyzing material testing datasets. It is composed of(1) A database, with composite material fatigue and fracture test data and(2) A suite of calculation modules allowing users to experiment with their own (…)


ENAC Flagship projects, Grants

It’s getting crowded in here: balancing indoor climate regulation and pathogen control to minimize energy use and public health burden in urban environments


ENAC Flagship projects, Grants

Ecological and climate impacts of Greenlandic glacial outwash plains


ENAC Flagship projects, Grants

Methodological framework for enabling re-use of steel structures after extreme loading

Precipitation Open Data In The Southern OCEAN For ATLACE

Open Data, Open Science

What is the project about? The Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) was organised by the Swiss Polar Institute in the Southern Ocean during the austral summer of 2016 and 2017, with 22 different projects on board, ranging from chemistry to physics and biology. This was a special project as normally expeditions go repeatedly to one place (…)

Democratising Views: Open Visual Capital Data

Open Data, Open Science

Opening data from digital twins on building views can open the door to other research like urban health, well-being or inequities across regions.

Bringing Open Source to Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Open Science, Open Software

BlenderBIM and the open standard IFC.js are revolutionizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) by offering open-source tools and establishing IFC as the native working format for architects and engineers.

Video | Science popularization “De la glace à l’eau”

News Audio-Video, News ENAC, News Research

In the video intended for young audiences «De la glace à l’eau», our experts present their research on snow, avalanches, the poles and the Alps in the context of climate change.