Tools developed at or in collaboration with LESO-PB

logo geronimo softwareGERONIMO
Software for the visualisation of the impact of Complex Fenestration Systems (CFS) in office buildings for different sky types (overcast and clear skies)
Target public: lighting designers, architects
(language: English)
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The software CitySim is a decision support tool for urban energy planners and stakeholders to minimize the net use of non-renewable energy sources as well as the associated emissions of greenhouse gases.
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Graphical User Interface – newest version
>> details:   >> distributed by  kaemco LLC

logo lesosai software distributed by e4tech software saLESOSAI
Building Certification and Energy Analysis Software
(languages: French, German, Italian and English; regular updates)
>> details:   >> distributed by  E4tech Software SA

LESO-QSV – Architectural integration tool

CD cover DIAL EuropeDIAL+

Daylighting Design Tool
(languages: French, English)
distributed by Estia SA

Desktop Radiance

Synthetic imaging system
Unix freeware for lighting design and rendering

distributed by Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory

EPIQR software graphics - software distributed by EPIQR EPIQR
Energy Performance and Indoor Environmental Quality Retrofit software
distributed by
Epiqr Sàrl

Natural ventilation –
Thermal movements
(1996, latest Windows
operating systems not
supported – we now recommend the DIAL+ cooling module instead).

Acoustics planning and analysis tool
(1997, latest Windows
operating systems not
lesokai visuel
Calcul hygrothermique d’éléments
de construction
(French and German only, no longer distributed)
Replaced by U-Sai
Leso Dial image
Daylighting Design Tool  (2000)
Replaced by DIAL+

  • PCSC-LOCKIN: data acquisition on acoustic chopping frequency using a computer sound card.
  • INVESTIMMO: a decision-making tool for long-term investment strategies in housing maintenance and refurbishment, distributed by ESTIA SA
  • RADIACONF: planning and design tool which shows thermal comfort in a room (French only), distributed by E4Tech Sàrl
  • TOBUS: a decision-making tool for office building upgrading solutions, now integrated in EPIQR+, distributed by Epiqr Sàrl
  • ADELINE Integrated Lighting Design: Computer Tool until recently maintained distributed by Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics
  • ARCHITECTURE ET DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE: CD-ROM that taught basic concepts of sustainable architecture in French – no longer available