Daylighting Laboratory

Contact: Prof. J.-L. Scartezzini

Through the use of daylighting systems in connection with artificial lighting and quality control tools a substantial amount of electrical energy can be saved inside a building. This approach, however, influences the architectural aspects of a building. It is therefore of major importance that architects have access to planning and design tools for such daylighting systems. This is the reason why the LESO-PB has set up a daylighting laboratory with sophisticated equipment.

The daylighting laboratory includes:

as well as

  • a visual comfort meter (high-definition camera, image digitiser, endo-scopic objective, visual glare index analysis software)
  • a set of precision photo-meters (illuminance measurements inside scale models)

These tools allow, among others, the following operations:

  • daylight factor measurements inside scale models
  • visual glare index evaluation under special lighting conditions
  • visualisation of the luminous conditions perceived inside the premises

 PhD theses on this subject


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