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Jérémy Fleury Transparent Nanomeshes for Smart Windows

Successful PhD projects carried out under LESO-PB supervision

(not including PhD students from other universities hosted at EPFL for part of their research)

No. Year Author Thesis title
9014 2022 Alina Walch Spatio-Temporal Estimation of Renewable Energy Potential in Built Environments using Big Data
8414 2021 Marta Benedetti Integrating non-visual effects of light in the automated daylight-responsive control of blinds and electric lighting
8789 2021 Djamel Mansour Evaluation of the Effect of Backsheet Properties on PV Encapsulant Degradation under Ultraviolet-Damp-Heat Conditions
7625 2020 Anna Krammer Thermochromic solar absorber coatings with elevated transition temperature
9398 2019 A.T. Dasun Perera Modeling and Assessment of Urban Energy Systems
9498 2019 Yujie Wu Automated Daylighting Control System based on Sky Luminance Monitoring and Lighting Computing
9390 2019 Jing Gong Novel daylighting system based on advanced embedded optical microstructures for various facade orientation and climates
9376 2019 Dan Assouline Machine Learning and Geographic Information Systems for Large-Scale Mapping of Renewable Energy Potential
9199 2019 Olivia Bouvard Coatings with tailored electronic and optical properties for advanced glazing
8826 2018 Pietro Florio Towards a GIS-based Multiscale Visibility Assessment Method for Solar Urban Planning
8277 2017 Ali Motamed Integrated Daylighting and Artificial Lighting Control based on High Dynamic Range Vision Sensors
7756 2017 Silvia Coccolo Bioclimatic Design of Sustainable Campuses using Advanced Optimisation Methods
7236 2016 Ran Xu Visual impact assessment of BIPV in building retrofits using saliency models
6440 2015 Nikos Zarkadis Novel models towards predictive control of advanced building systems and occupant comfort in buildings
6485 2015 Stefan Mertin Reactively Sputtered Nano-Structured Multilayer Coatings on Architectural Glazing for Active Solar Energy Façades
6465 2015 André Kostro Microstructured glazing for daylighting, glare protection, seasonal thermal control and clear view
6425 2014 Chantal Basurto On advanced daylighting simulations and integrated performance assessment of complex fenestration systems for sunny climates
6102 2014 Diane Perez A framework to model and simulate the disaggregated energy flows supplying buildings in urban areas
6007 2013 Apiparn Borisuit The Impact of Light Including Non-Image Forming Effects on Visual Comfort
5878 2013 Antonio Paone Switchable Selective Absorber Coatings for Overheating Protection of Solar Thermal Collectors
5673 2013 Urs Wilke Probabilistic Bottom-Up Modelling of Occupancy and Activities to Predict Electricity Demand in Residential Buildings >> Detailed thesis results (for access password please contact [email protected])
5541 2012 Martin Joly Développement et optimisation de revêtements nanostructurés pour capteurs solaires thermiques et modules photovoltaïques
4935 2010 David Daum On the adaptation of building controls to the envelope and the occupants
4657 2010 Marylène Montavon Optimisation of Urban Form by the Evaluation of the Solar Potential
4634 2010 Friedrich Linhart Energetic, Visual and Non-visual Aspects of Office Lighting
4587 2010 Frédéric Haldi Towards a unified model of occupants’ behaviour and comfort for building energy simulation
4548 2009 Jérôme Kämpf On the modelling and optimisation of urban energy fluxes
4531 2009 Adil Rasheed Multiscale modelling of urban climate
4258 2008 Maria Cristina Munari Probst Architectural integration and design of solar thermal systems
4130 2008 Anothaï Thanachareonkit Comparing physical and virtual methods for daylight performance modelling including complex fenestration systems
3918 2007 David Lindelöf Bayesian optimisation of visual comfort
3900 2007 Jessen Page Simulating occupant presence and behaviour in buildings
3482 2006 Mario Germano Qualitative modelling of the natural ventilation potential in urban context
3311 2005 Marie-Cécile Pibiri Assainissement microbiologique de l’air et des systèmes de ventilation au moyen d’huiles essentielles
Emission Telematin Santé, 29.5.06, France 2 on this work: download
Video (format wmv, 6215 ko, copyright Télématin, France2)
2941 2004 Marilyne Andersen Innovative bidirectional video-goniophotometer for advanced fenestration systems (short version)
Prix Chorafas 2005
2778 2003 Antoine Guillemin Using genetic algorithms to take into account user wishes in an advanced building control system
Prix Chorafas 2004
2425 2001 Stephane Citherlet Towards the holistic assessment of buildings performance based on a integrated simulation approach
2418 2001 Flourentzou Flourentzos Constructivisme Piagétien dans l’aide à la décision – Contribution au développement durable en architecture
2149 2000 Harry Wirth Angular selective control of solar radiation through windows
2042 1999 Laurent Michel Méthode expérimentale d’évaluation des performances lumineuses de bâtiments
2026 1999 Gilles Courret Systèmes anidoliques d’éclairage naturel
1916 1999 Bernard Paule Application de la logique floue à l’aide à la décision en éclairage naturel
1792 1998 Manuel Bauer Gestion biomimétique de l’énergie dans le bâtiment
1217 1994 Jean-Marie Furbringer Sensibilité de modèles et de mesures en aéraulique du bâtiment à l’aide de plans d’expériences
1193 1993 Raphaël Compagnon Simulations numériques de systèmes d’éclairage naturel à pénétration latérale
853 1990 Jean-Pierre Eggimann Analyse énergétique de logements collectifs solaires
876 1990 Anne Marie Nygard Ferguson Predictive thermal control of building systems
713 1988 Olivier Jolliet Modélisation du comportement thermique d’une serre horticole: modèle statique de seconde génération tenant compte des apports solaires du vent et des échanges radiatifs avec le ciel
627 1986 Jean-Louis Scartezzini Application des méthodes stochastiques à l’étude de captage de l’énergie solaire
623 1986 Niklaus Kohler Analyse énergétique de la construction, de l’utilisation et de la démolition des bâtiments

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