Current research topics

Daylighting in SolAce

Integrated day and electric lighting

Daylighting and perception research focuses on advanced systems for optimal use of daylight in buildings, with the aim to improve user comfort and health and reduce energy consumption.

urban climate assessment

Urban data mining, intelligence and simulation

Research in urban data mining, intelligence and simulation investigates urban systems through their physical processes in order to improve their environmental sustainability.

nano lab

Nanotechnology for solar energy conversion

Due to their fascinating optical and electronic properties, nanometer-scaled structures play an important role in solar energy conversion. The research group “Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Conversion”, develops and characterizes novel nanostructured materials for solar energy applications.

Smart buildings – smart cities

Research in smart buildings/smart cities, investigates building and city performance in response to climate change as well as biomimetic and automatic building control systems for the optimisation of energy use and indoor comfort taking into account user behaviour.

Building integration of renewable energies

Research on renewables integration into the built environment addresses the issue of optimal architectural integration of photovoltaic and thermal solar systems to promote and facilitate the use of these clean technologies in the building sector.