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image lizard symbolizing adaptable building LESO Experimental Building
In its early years used to test different façade types, the LESO building now allows testing of daylighting and façade control systems.
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Nanotechnical Laboratory
Infrastructure for cutting-edge research in the fields of Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Conversion and Smart Materials for the Building Envelope
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>> Group Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Conversion


Solace Unit of the NEST demonstration building, created to explore means of increasing the energy production of buildings while ensuring user comfort
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Motus - urban climate measurement equipment MoTUS – Urban climate measuring equipment
A 27 m mast for the monitoring of urban climate parameters
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>> Urban simulation group


Testbed for field measurements in the context of daylighting research. Dimensions of typical office space.
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daylighting lab artificial sky Daylighting Laboratory
A direct sunlight simulator (Heliodon) as well as a scanning sky (diffuse light) simulator as well as a photogoniometer for the study of directional light transmission and reflection properties of fenestration systems allow testing of scale models and samples.
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photobiological chamber Photobiological Laboratory
A photobiological laboratory was recently set up for studies and research on the effects of light on physiology and behavior in humans.
>> Research on the impact of daylight on humans


demosite pavilion PV Testing and Exhibition and Testing Facilities DEMOSITE
Demosite was active until 2008, when it had to make space for the EPFL Rolex Learning Center. However, its virtual version still exists: