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Knowledge Transfer

Spin-off and Start-up companies

kaemco: Sustainable urban development, energy, building physics, modelling
logo solstis Solstis: Photovoltaic integration systems
logo e4tech E4Tech: Building energy analysis software LESOSAI
logo epiqr EPIQR Rénovation: Indoor Environmental Quality Retrofit software
Rhyner Energie Logo Rhyner énergie Sàrl: Building energy study and design
Estia: Daylighting, building control
swiss inso logo blue to left dotted square below text innovative solar solutions SwissInso: Colored solar panels
cap77: Energy efficiency and renewables
Other companies using LESO-PB know-how
logo adhoco - adaptive home control - red, lower case with 3 dots on either side getting smaller Adhoco: Adaptive Building Control
Quantis: Life cycle analysis
Logo Esquissesolaire Esquisse solaire: Consulting in building integrated solar technologies


  • D. Mauree; A. Schueler; A. Diévart; O. V. C. Bouvard ; EPFL: Box-type solar cooker. WO 2018/185646 A1 . 2018-10-11. Detailed record
  • Y. Wu; J. H. Kämpf; J.-L. Scartezzini ; Sky Monitoring System. 102017007333.3 . 2018. Detailed record
  • A. Krammer; A. Paone; A. Schüler ; Coating for optical and electronic applications. WO2017134589 . 2017. Detailed record
  • V. Hody Le Caër; A. Schüler ; Laminated glazing with coloured reflection and high solar transmittance suitable for solar energy systems. WO 2014045141 A2 . 2017. Detailed record
  • A. Motamed; L. Deschamps; J.-l. Scartezzini ; Lighting control system. WO2017216623 . 2017. Detailed record
  • A. Figueiredo; J. H. Kämpf; R. Vicente : Passive House Optimization for Portugal: Overheating Evaluation and Energy Performance; Energy and Buildings. 2016. DOI : 10.1016/j.enbuild.2016.02.034. Detailed recordView at publisher
  • M. Joly; A. Schüler ; Method for hardening a coating of a solar collector element, and elements produced by means of said method. EP2898113 ; WO2014045241 ; WO2014045241 . 2015. Detailed record
  • A. Kostro; A. Schüler ; Glazing with embedded microstructures for daylighting and seasonal thermal control. ES2622364 ; US9695629 ; EP2882921 ; US2015225994 ; EP2882921 ; CN104520523 ; WO2014024146 . 2015. Detailed record
  • A. Schüler; M. Joly; V. Hody Le Caër ; Interference filter with angular independent orange colour of reflection and high solar transmittance, suitable for roof-integration of solar energy systems. EP2898534 ; WO2014045144 . 2015. Detailed record
  • A. Kostro; J.-L. Scartezzini; A. Schueler : Mixed-Dimensionality Approach for Advanced Ray Tracing of Lamellar Structures for Daylighting and Thermal Control. 2013. CISBAT 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 4-6, 2013. p. 1115-1120. Detailed recordFull text

Software tools


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Webtools – innovative solar products for building integration – a database and planning help developed in the framework of IEA SHC Task 41 – an independent and comprehensive building glass database set up by University of Basel, Switzerland and now managed by LESO-PB >> more about glassdbase