Awards received by LESO-PB members


David Notzon BG Group Prix Développement durable 2021 Design and thermal simulation of a box-type solar cooker adapted to Ugandan conditions
Kavan Javanroodi Beyond2020 Conference, Copenhagen Best paper prize


Yujie Wu Chinese Government Award for outstanding self-funded Student abroad


Andreas Schüler, Olivia Bouvard,
Luc Burnier, Jérémy Fleury
RailTech 2019 Innovation Award, Utrecht, NL Energy efficient windows that transmit telephone signals
Andreas Schüler, Olivia Bouvard (as part of a team headed by BLS train company and Basel University) Watt d’Or 2018 “Energy efficient mobility”
Swiss Federal Office of Energy
Nina trains energy efficiency modernisation. Contribution: energy efficient windows transparent to phone signals.


Jing Gong, André Kostro, Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Andreas Schüler Nonimaging optics best paper award – SPIE Optical Engineering & Applications, 2018, 19-20 August 2018, San Diego, CA, USA Feasibility study on a novel daylighting system with embedded micro compound parabolic concentrators (CPCs). In Nonimaging Optics: Efficient Design for Illumination and Solar Concentration XV (Vol. 10758, p. 1075807). International Society for Optics and Photonics.
A.T.D. Perera, Silvia Coccolo, Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Dasaraden Mauree Outstanding paper award, ICAE 2017 papers published in Applied Energy Quantifying the impact of urban climate by extending the boundaries of urban energy system modelin
Sara Torabi Moghadam Best PhD Thesis, Politecnico di Torino, Dept. of Urban & Regional Development Multi-Criteria Spatial Decision Support System for Urban Energy Planning in the Built Environment


Henriques Lopes, Micael; Vauthey, Antoine
(Dirs Rey, Emmanuel; Scartezzini, Jean-Louis; Dind, Aleksis)
Award of the City of Ecublens MSc in Architecture project
Surélévation et densification en bois du quartier de Sévelin (VD)


Maria Cristina Munari Probst, Christian Roecker Sustainable Building Award “Innovator of the Year 2016”, Lund, 15 November 2016 Improved method for urban areas and urban planners to map and analyse how the integration process for buildings can be adapted for different applications in sensitive existing environments; excellent example of an architect and an engineer forming an innovative partnership.
Sara Vanzo
(dir. Andreas Schüler)
Best Master thesis in the field of sustainability and energy savings in buildings, Politecnico Torino, December 2016 Novel glazing technology for building envelopes: evaluation of the energy performance and its influence on the thermal control
Ali Motamed, Marta Benedetti, Jean-Louis Scartezzini Best paper award, 9th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality Ventilation & Energy Conservation In Buildings IAQVEC 2016, Seoul, Rep. of Korea On the impact of integration of non-image forming (NIF) effect of light on electrical lighting control in non-residential buildings
Olivia Bouvard, Anna Krammer, Andreas Schüler Second poster award, 2016 International Science & Application of Thin Films Conference SATF 2016, 19-23 September 2016 Cesme, Turkey In situ photoelectron spectroscopy of WO3/LiPON interface for electrochromic devices


Amarasinghage Tharindu Dasun Perera Sri Lankan President’s Award for Scientific Publications Details
Jan Gorecki (dir. Jean-Louis Scartezzini) Prix SIA Suisse et section vaudoise (mention) Projet de Master: Elément en béton préfabriqué et la nouvelle situation énergétique: logements collectifs dans la région lausannoise.
Olivia Bouvard, Sara Vanzo, Andreas Schueler IBPC 2015 International Building Physics Conference, Torino
Best Poster Award
Experimental determination of optical and thermal properties of semi-transparent photovoltaic modules based on dye-sensitized solar cells – Award


Martin Joly, Yan Antonetti, Martin Python, Marina Gonzalez, Thomas Gascou, Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Andreas Schüler Solar Energy Journal
Best Paper Award 2012-2013
Novel black selective coating for tubular solar absorbers based on a sol-gel method


Héloïse Sierro, Caroline Naef
(dir. Jérôme Kaempf)
Durabilis Award Projet d’étudiant Conception holistique d’un écoquartier
Apiparn Borisuit EDCE Mobility Award – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Impact of light on visual comfort


Frédéric Haldi,
Darren Robinson
Journal of Building Performance Simulation
Best Paper Award2010/2011
Adaptive actions on shading devices in response to local visual stimuli


Frédéric Haldi,
Darren Robinson
Building and Environment 2010
Best Paper Award
On the unification of thermal perception and adaptive actions
Lars O. Grobe, Stephen Wittkopf, Anupama Rana Panday, Xiaoming Yang (NUS), Kian Seng Ang (BCA), Jean-Louis Scartezzini (EPFL),
Stephen Selkowitz (LBNL)
International Conference on Applied Energy 2010 –
Best Paper Award Finalist
Singapore’s Zero-Energy Building’s Daylight Monitoring System [ICAE 236]


Nathanaël Chollet, Yann Gramegna sous la supervision de Harry Gugger et Mention spéciale et Prix Asea
Brown Boveri
The Energy Question in the Megalopolis: another Powerhouse for Tokyo
Frédéric Haldi Building Simulation 2009 Conference –
Best Student Paper Award
A Comprehensive Stochastic Model of Window Usage: Theory and Validation
F. Haldi,
D. Robinson
Building and Environment 2009
Best Paper Award
Interactions with window openings by office occupants
J.-L. Scartezzini Solar Energy Journal
Valued Associate Editor Award
For exceptional contribution to the quality of Solar Energy (Elsevier publication)


Maria Cristina Munari Probst EPFL Journée de la Recherche
Prix meilleure affiche “Développement durable “
New: Coloured glazings for solar thermal façades
R. Kukreja
(intern from IIT Bombay in 2007)
Silver Medal from President of
India (1st of class)


Darren Robinson CIBSE Napier Shaw Bronze Medal 2007 A simplified radiosity algorithm for general urban radiation exchange
André Kostro Asea Brown Bovery (ABB) 2007 Award Photonsim: development of a Monte Carlo ray tracing software for the simulation of solar concentrators Thèse de Master
Peter Oelhafen,
Andreas Schueler
Solar Energy Journal Best Paper in
Energy Conversion Award 2005/2006
Nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion


Maryline Andersen Prix Chorafas Développement Durable 2005 Innovative Bidirectional Video-Goniophotometer for Advanced Fenestration Systems (Thèse de doctorat 2941)
Manuel Bauer, LESO-PB et ESTIA SA, en collaboration avec le CSEM Swiss Technology Award 2005 Neurobat – Concept de chauffage à caractère prédictif
(Thèse de doctorat 1792)
Maria Cristina Munari Probst PLEA 2005 Best Paper Award Integration and formal development of solar thermal collectors

1998 – 2004

Antoine Guillemin Prix Chorafas Développement durable 2004 Innovative Bidirectional Video-Goniophotometer for Advanced Fenestration Systems (PhD Thesis 2778)
Jean-Louis Scartezzini Prix Solaire Européen 2001-2002
André Faist Prix Solaire Suisse 2000
Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Raphaël Compagnon, Christian Roecker, Laurent Michel CISBSE Walsh Weston Memorial Award (Bronze) Bidirectional Photogoniometer for Advanced Glazing Materials Based on Digital Imaging Techniques, Lighting Research and Technology, vol. 29, num. 4, 1997, p. 197-205