Bachelor / Master / E-Learning

The LESO-PB participates in the general training of students from the School of Architectural, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) and from other EPFL schools who can choose to do their engineering diploma at the Laboratory.

All bachelor and master courses are held in French.


Course E-learning Lecturer Term Students
Building Physics pbat (moodle)
pbat (diagnostic)
Prof. J.L. ScartezziniDr A. Schueler spring AR bachelor 1st semester
Building Technology III (building physics module) technobatIII (moodle) Prof. J.L. Scartezzini autumn AR bachelor 3rd semester
Building Technology IV (building physics module) technobatIV (moodle) Prof. J.L. Scartezzini spring AR bachelor 4th semester
Architecture & solar energy Dr M.C. Munari Probst spring AR master 2nd semester
Behind/Beyond future cities Prof. J.-L. Scartezzini,
Dr. D. Mauree,
Dr S. Coccolo
spring AR master,
master in Energy Science & Technology
Urban neighbourhoods, infrastructures and sustainable development Prof. J.-L. Scartezzini,
Dr Dasaraden Mauree
Dr S. Coccolo
spring Projeter ensemble