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IICSolar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB)GitlabGeronimo – Software for the visualisation of the impact of Complex Fenestration Systems (CFS) in office buildings for different sky types  

CITYSIM    decision support tool for urban energy planners to minimize the net use of non-renewable energy sources

LESOSAI Building Certification and Energy Analysis Software

DIAL+ Daylighting Design Tool
RADIANCE Synthetic imaging system, unix freeware for lighting design and rendering

More from LESO-PB
IICGeo-energy Laboratory (GEL)GithubPyfrac – solver for 3D fluid-driven fractures propagation. Read more
IIEWind Engineering and Renewable Energy Laboratory (WIRE)
IICComputational Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LSMS)Tamaas – library for elastic-plastic contact of periodic rough surfaces

Akantu – Finite-element modeling with HPC. Read more

Libmultiscale – parallel framework for the multiscale coupling methods dedicated to material simulations
IIEGeodetic Engineering Laboratory (TOPO)Software accessible through commercial licenses, developed at TOPO
IIEEnvironmental Computational Science and Earth Observation Laboratory (ECEO)RSQVA – Visual Question Answering for Remote Sensing system. Read more
IIEEnvironmental Remote Sensing Laboratory (LTE)Gitlab
IIEDistributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory (DISAL)Github
IALaboratory of Numeric Cultures for Architectural Projects (CNPA)Github
IAMedia and Design Laboratory (LDM)Github
IIELaboratory of Cryospheric Sciences (CRYOS)Github
IICEnvironmental Hydraulics Laboratory (LHE)Website
IICTransport and Mobility Laboratory (TRANSP-OR)Biogeme python package for discrete choice models in transportation. Read more
IICVisual Intelligence for Transportation (VITA)Github
IICLaboratory of Integrated Performance in Design (LIPID)CITYSIM  decision support tool for urban energy planners to minimize the net use of non-renewable energy sources
IICResilient Steel Structures Laboratory (RESSLab)Github
IICEarthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Laboratory (EESD)Github
IICChair of Timber Construction (IBOIS)Cockroach – point cloud and mesh processing library