Comité Evaluation Académique ENAC

Candidates for promotion can apply any moment during the year. The process is based on the LEXs below. Dossiers must be submitted following the requirements of each Lex., with the support of superior and institute director concerned.

Dossier to send to the Dean, (cc [email protected]) : PDF version + 1 hard copy.

Committee Academic Evaluation (CEA) ENAC

The Committee evaluates the candidate’s dossier, asks for reference letters, and meets the candidate for an interview. Ultimately the Committee renders its advice to the Dean. The Committee works in a total confidentiality.

CEA ENAC composition

Chair: Prof. Tom Battin

Permanent members:

  • Prof. Marilyne Andersen
  • Prof. Jérôme Chappellaz
  • Prof. Nikolas Geroliminis
  • Prof. Lyesse Laloui
  • Prof. Fernando Porté Agel
  • Prof. Paolo Tombesi

Rules and administration:
Consuelo Antille, administrator ENAC School