ENAC Affinity Map

Vue du Hall SG avec Dario Rodighiero © Alexandre Gonzalez

Vue du Hall SG avec Dario Rodighiero © Alexandre Gonzalez

ENAC Affinity Map was developed to visualize effective and potential affinities within the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) at EPFL. The affinities are displayed at two levels, showing collaborations between research groups or laboratories, typically in the form of satellites, as well as revealing common academic activities between individuals within one laboratory. The Affinity Map is thus a tool to investigate cohesion within ENAC in terms of joint teaching activities, co-supervision responsibilities, and co-authored publications. Terminology common to different labs is also displayed on the map through the identification of the same keywords frequently used in their respective publications, revealing shared research foci and potential for complementary approaches. Interactions and collaborations with institutions external to EPFL can be found around the different laboratories, whether for teaching, research or tech transfer activities.

About the project

The ENAC Affinity Map project was launched and promoted by the Dean of ENAC, Prof. Marilyne Andersen. The resulting Affinity Map was conceived and realized by Dario Rodighiero in the framework of his PhD thesis at EPFL, supervised by Prof. Frédéric Kaplan and Prof. Boris Beaude within the domain of Digital Humanities.

Interactive ENAC Affinity Map