Committee Academic Evaluation ENAC

Committee Academic Evaluation ENAC evaluates all files for promotion : the tenure for PATT, the promotion from AP to FP, and the academic titles for scientific researchers : PTIT, MER, CSS.

To write its evaluation, the Committee works from the candidate”s file, letters of referees, and meets the candidate for an interview and presentation. Altimately the Committee writes its evaluation and gives his advice to the Dean.

The Committee works in a total confidentiality.

CEA (since July 2017)

Chair : Professor Tom Battin

Permanent Members:

  • Prof. Andrea Rinaldo
  • Prof. Anders Meibom
  • Prof. Jean-François Molinari
  • ​​​​​​​Prof. Ian Smith
  • Prof. Marilyne Andersen
  • Prof. Harry Gugger


Rules and administration
Consuelo Antille, administrator ENAC School