Apprentice training

Whatever apprenticeship you choose at EPFL, your training will take place in a stimulating and unique environment with over 5,600 staff members, 10,000 students and 350 research laboratories, in fields as diverse as engineering, exact sciences and architecture.
Formation Apprentis at EPFL

EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, is a national institution that is amongst the most renowned in Europe and the world. This technical university is recognised for the excellence of its research, the excellence of its curriculum and its incomparable cosmopolitanism, as more than 120 different nationalities are represented. It is built around three core missions: education, research and technology transfer. EPFL is also a fully fledged training organisation, with more than 100 apprentices in training. In this way, it contributes significantly to the training of young professionals in the Lake Geneva region. You will benefit particularly from all the dynamism and diversity of a university campus that offers many perspectives and opportunities for personal enrichment.


Applications for the following apprenticeships are carried out online only, by following the procedure below.

Training Number of places
Polymechanic CFC 2
Computer Specialist CFC 4
Animal Caretaker CFC 1
Commercial Employee CFC 0 (Postulation from January)
Logistician CFC; storage option 2

Online application procedure

In order to complete your application procedure, you need the following documents in PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG format:

    • Letter of motivation
    • Résumé with references
    • Copies of your school report cards for the 3-4 past semesters
    • Copies of the certificates and diplomas obtained, as well as internship certifications
    • Copy of your identity card
    • Colour passport photograph
    • For computer specialists, the GRI certificate of competence may be included in the file
    • For polymechanics, the GIM-CH certificate of competence may be included in the file

To apply for apprenticeships as Polymechanic, Computer Specialist, Animal Caretaker or Commercial Employee, click on “Apply online”; allow about 20 minutes to fill in the form.

Applications for the following Laboratory Technician apprenticeships are made through the Association Vaudoise des Métiers du Laboratoire (Vaud Association of Laboratory Trades), using the following link:

Training Number of places
Laboratory Technician CFC; chemistry option 9
Laboratory Technician CFC; physics option 3


An orientation internship provides a concrete understanding of the main activities involved in a trade by diving into the workday of those who practice it. The internship is also the opportunity to discover and become more familiar with the world of work and of vocational training. It forms a solid basis to choose a professional path. Orientation internships are aimed in priority at young people nearing the end of compulsory education (10th and 11th Harmos). At EPFL, the duration of internships varies between one and three days, depending on the availability of training units; the number of places is limited. Internships are not remunerated. Travelling to the location of the internship and meals are to be paid for by the intern or the legal representative. During the internship, interns are insured against the risk of professional accidents. If you are interested, you can send us an orientation internship request by clicking on the link below.

Orientation internship as  
Biology Laboratory Technician limited number of places
Chemistry Laboratory Technician limited number of places
Physics Laboratory Technician limited number of places
Polymechanic limited number of places
Computer Specialist limited number of places
Interactive Media Designer limited number of places
Commercial Employee limited number of places
Logistician limited number of places


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