The EPFL AI Center is a hub for artificial intelligence at one of the world’s leading technology institutions. The Center’s activities span the entire campus, leveraging the extensive expertise of EPFL’s faculty and researchers across all schools.

Our objective is to cultivate a collaborative environment that encourages multidisciplinary engagement in AI research and application. By bringing together a diverse community of scientists, engineers, and practitioners, the Center aims to contribute to a future where safe and effective AI advances technological innovation and benefits all stakeholders.








Professor of Digital Epidemiology, Marcel Salathé works at the interface of health and computer science, with strong interests in artificial intelligence, data privacy, and digital skills training.

Beyond his scientific work, he has contributed to the development of DP3T (Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing), co-founded the Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD), and founded the EPFL Extension School.

Professor of Electrical Engineering at EPFL, Pascal Frossard is heading the LTS4 laboratory since he joined EPFL in April 2003. Before that, he was with the IBM TJ Watson Research Center at Yorktown Heights, NY, USA.

His research interests include interpretable machine learning, data science, graph signal processing, image representation and analysis, computer vision and immersive communication systems.

The EPFL AI Center plans to establish an academic board in the coming weeks to represent the wide range of expertise within the faculty.