Conceptual art of the operating device. Credit: EPFL & Second Bay Studios

A “quantum leap” at room temperature

— EPFL scientists have achieved a milestone by controlling quantum phenomena at room temperature.

Full-size optical micrograph of the KIPA © 2024 EPFL Hybrid Quantum Circuits Laboratory

EPFL researchers creating the future of quantum signal amplification

— Scientists from EPFL's Hybrid Quantum Circuits Laboratory recently designed, fabricated and tested a Kinetic Inductance-based Parametric Amplifier (KIPA), a significant breakthrough in quantum signal amplification that represents an important step forward in the development of enhanced quantum sensors for technological applications and fundamental physics, potentially aiding in "tabletop precision physics".

Tobias Kippenberg. Credit: EPFL.

Tobias Kippenberg elected to NAE membership

— Professor Tobias Kippenberg at EPFL has been elected an international member of the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE). 

Gregor Jotzu. 2023 EPFL/Titouan Veuillet CC-BY-SA 4.0

A philosophical explorer of the quantum frontier in materials science

— Gregor Jotzu stands at the forefront of quantum materials research, focusing on the emergence of complex properties in quantum systems.

Jean-Philippe Brantut, winner of the 2023 best teacher award for the physics section  - 2023 EPFL/Alain Herzog - CC-BY-SA 4.0

“My job as a professor keeps me forever a student”

— Jean-Philippe Brantut comes to his lab with a new idea just about every week. But what he encourages his students to do is just the opposite – rather than bounce around, he wants them to dig deep into a single topic.

An artistic rendering of a beam of free electrons interacting with an optical pulse in a ring-shaped microresonator. Credit: Ryan Allen / Second Bay Studios.

Bridging light and electrons

— Researchers at EPFL and Max Plank have merged nonlinear optics with electron microscopy, unlocking new capabilities in material studies and the control of electron beams.

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