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Tobias Kippenberg awarded SNSF Advanced Grant

— Professor Tobias J. Kippenberg at EPFL’s Institute of Physics (IPHYS) has been awarded an Advanced Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Scanning electron microscope image of an ultra-coherent superconducting electro-mechanical system. © Amir Youssefi / EPFL

A quantum leap in mechanical oscillator technology

— Scientists at EPFL have successfully extended the quantum state lifetime of a mechanical oscillator, a development with vast implications for quantum computing and communication systems.

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Nanophotonics Summer School Draws Experts From Around The Globe

— The student-organized summer school on the EPFL campus trained young researchers in critical sectors.

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An easier way to learn quantum processes

— EPFL scientists show that even a few simple examples are enough for a quantum machine-learning model, the “quantum neural networks”, to learn and predict the behavior of quantum systems, bringing us closer to a new era of quantum computing.

© 2023 Pasquale Scarlino

What the Swiss Quantum Initiative means for EPFL's Quantum Community

— To solidify and strengthen Switzerland’s leading position in quantum, in 2022 the Swiss Federal Council formed the Swiss Quantum Initiative (SQI). This initiative is led by the Swiss Quantum Commission, a group of experts from academia and industry across Switzerland, including EPFL professor Anna Fontcuberta i Morral.


The QSE Center engages in international science diplomacy

— Quantum is an international strategic political and multilateral topic in itself. For the EPFL Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE Center), it is important to engage with different stakeholders internationally, such as policy makers, diplomats, ecosystem builders from the early stage. To this end, the Center has been participating in events to learn, share and network with the international science policy and diplomacy community.

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