Applied quantum algorithms and data science

The QSE Center aims at setting up a full stack of research and application layers in the area of quantum algorithms and data science. These go from fundamental research for the development and improvement of quantum algorithms and the related software infrastructure, to their large-scale implementation, and their integration with existing classical software packages for numerical applications in various areas of science and engineering.

EPFL hosts the finest research groups in the theory of algorithms, data science, and machine learning. Together with researchers from physics, chemistry, mathematics and material science, these groups will enable the first layer. The second layer will emerge from the joint work of groups in applied computer science and applied mathematics. Finally, the third layer will host the extremely vast ecosystem of researchers across campus, who are active in computational materials science, computational chemistry and physics, computational biophysics and life sciences, optimization, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. By joining forces with the other members of the Center, these researchers will have a unique opportunity to take advantage of emergent hybrid quantum-classical algorithms, as well as the expertise developed in the lower layers, and bring quantum advantage to their respective computational activities.