Past calls

Inspire Quantum Master Fellowships

INSPIRE Quantum Master Awards

These awards aim to attract and empower excellent female students who will conduct their master’s work in the research areas represented at the QSE Center.

QSE Postdoctoral Fellow

The QSE Fellowship gives outstanding and highly motivated young researchers the opportunity to carry out research in collaboration with the thriving EPFL QSE community on frontier topics in quantum science and quantum engineering.

QSE Collaborative Research Fellowships

QSE Collaborative Research Fellowship

Call for proposals The EPFL Center for Quantum Science and Engineering fosters outstanding scientific research in the QSE domain.

NYUAD Quantum Hackathon

The QSE Center will select one participant to cover their travel expenses to the NYUAD Quantum Hackathon in Abu Dhabi from April 27 to May 1, 2023, as part of the incubation of the Open Quantum Institute of GESDA