Center for Neuroprosthetics

The EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics is an interdisciplinary research center that hosts over 180 scientists, engineers and clinicians driven by the design and implementation of innovative neurotechnologies to diagnose, treat and assist people suffering from neurological disorders and trauma.

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Getting groundbreaking medical technology out of the lab

— New medical technologies hold immense promise for treating a range of conditions. Despite the pace of innovation in the medtech field, however, most discoveries never make it out of the laboratory. New research from EPFL could fast-track the route to clinical translation.

Display of the workMultiple Bodies, Super Egos & Virtual Selves © LNCO / 2019 EPFL

Delving into self-consciousness at EPFL

— What if the key to conveying complex scientific concepts like self-consciousness was to bring art and science together? From 25 February to 1 March, EPFL ArtLab will play host to the Immersive Lab, which offers visitors an interactive, multisensory experience.

Hyeong-Donc Park (left) and Olaf Blanke at Campus Biotech in Geneva. EPFL / Jamani Caillet

Breathing may change your mind about free will

— Is free will just an illusion? For decades, a signal from the brain called the “readiness potential” has been interpreted to mean that free will may be an illusion. Backed by signals from the brain and lungs, EPFL scientists have discovered that the readiness potential is in fact coupled to breathing and that acts of free will happen as you exhale – providing an unexpected perspective on free will.

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Four EPFL Engineering Professors recognized as IEEE Fellows 2020

— Four professors from the School of Engineering (STI) have earned the prestigious title of 2020 IEEE Fellows. IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.

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NeuroRestore Center: aimed at restoring lost neurological function

— The Defitech Foundation has teamed up with EPFL, CHUV and UNIL to widen access to the groundbreaking neurotechnology developed under the 2018 STIMO study, which allowed paraplegic patients to walk again. Their aim is also to develop new neurosurgical treatments for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or from neurological disorders following a head injury or stroke.

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Seminars and Conférences

Cancelled. Non-invasive neural inferfacing with high-information transfer with the human spinal cord


With: Dario Farina, Professor and Chair in Neurorehabilitation Engineering, Imperial College London, UK.
Place and room: Campus Biotech H8.D
Category: Conferences – Seminars

BMI SEMINAR // Sebastian Jessberger – Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating neural stem cell activity throughout life


With: Sebastian Jessberger, Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars

BMI SEMINAR // Alain Chedotal – Development; function and evolution of commissural systems


With: Alain Chedotal, Role of axon guidance molecules Lab, Institut de la Vision, Paris, France
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars

Neuro Symposium – BMI: 50 Years of Barrel Cortex, 8-10 July 2020


With: See Webpage
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars

BMI SEMINAR // Bosiljka Tasic – TBD


With: Bosiljka Tasic, Molecular Genetics, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, USA
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars

EPFL Neuro Workshop – Vision: from vision research to clinical therapy


With: Anton Arkhipov, Allen Institute – Larry Benowitz, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital – Holly Bridge, Oxford Centre for functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain (FMRIB)
Place and room: Campus Biotech Geneva, Chemin des Mines 9, CH-1202 Genève
Category: Conferences – Seminars