Center for Neuroprosthetics

The EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics is an interdisciplinary research center that hosts over 180 scientists, engineers and clinicians driven by the design and implementation of innovative neurotechnologies to diagnose, treat and assist people suffering from neurological disorders and trauma.

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Restoring mobility by identifying the neurons that make it possible

— Partial mobility can be restored in rodents with impaired spinal cords. Using AI, scientists can now determine the ­cellular mechanisms responsible – a technique that may be applicable to many biomedical problems.

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Using brain imaging to pierce the mystery of human behavior

— In the Medical Image Processing Lab, Dimitri Van De Ville and Thomas Bolton have studied the impact that computational imaging has on cognitive and clinical neuroscience by reviewing more than one hundred articles.

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Brain ‘signature' could help to diagnose schizophrenia

— People with schizophrenia and their healthy siblings share patterns of brain activity that are different from those seen in individuals with no family history of the disorder, scientists from EPFL have found. Because the siblings do not show schizophrenia symptoms, this brain ‘signature’ could serve as a marker for the early diagnosis of the disorder. The findings, published in Nature Communications, could open up avenues for developing new treatments for schizophrenia.

Simon Gallo working at home. Credit: S. Gallo (EPFL)

Building virtual wellbeing in a living room

— On March 12, 2020, COVID-19 restrictions shut down the EPFL campus. Simon Gallo, a postdoc with EPFL’s Brain Mind Institute and co-founder of robotics start-up Metaphysiks Engineering, got stuck at home with a prototype that needed upgrading. With commercial deadlines looming, Gallo knew that is was time for hands-on science at home.

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Two CNP professors nominated for the Harvey Prize

— Stéphanie Lacour and Grégoire Courtine are shortlisted among five world-class researchers in medical engineering to receive the AF Harvey prize from the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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