Center for Neuroprosthetics

The EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics is an interdisciplinary research center that hosts over 180 scientists, engineers and clinicians driven by the design and implementation of innovative neurotechnologies to diagnose, treat and assist people suffering from neurological disorders and trauma.

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CNP groups win interdisciplinary EPFL funding

— Two groups from CNP have been selected (among six winners) to receive funding from the newly established Interdisciplinary Seed Fund, in order to launch high-risk, innovative projects, in collaboration with other EPFL groups.

© Andreas Leber and Fabien Sorin 2020 EPFL

Smart textiles powered by soft transmission lines

— EPFL researchers have developed electronic fibers that, when embedded in textiles, can collect a wealth of information about our bodies by measuring subtle and complex fabrics deformations. Their technology relies on transmission line theory and offers a host of applications, such as in health care and robotics.

Soft electrode arrays that can conform to the surface of Human organs. © Nicolas Vachicouras / 2020 EPFL

Funding from Catalyze4Life for Neurosoft Bioelectronics

— After winning the 2020 Swiss Healthcare Startup Competition in April, Neurosoft Bioelectronics (LSBI spin-off) was awarded a grant by Catalyze4Life (C4L).

CIS will act as a point of contact with industry, as well as Swiss and international stakeholders, to create long-term partnerships and accelerate innovation in complex systems. © iStock/kentoh

EPFL launches Center for Intelligent Systems

— EPFL’s new Center for Intelligent Systems (CIS) will act as a research promotion platform for bringing together experts in machine learning, data science, computer vision, cyberphysical systems, and robotics.

© 2020 EPFL Alain Herzog / Martin Loos WIITE's pilot

WIITE, the exoskeleton for backcountry skiing

— While backcountry ski racers are disappointed that they won’t be starting the Patrouille des Glaciers, one disabled skier is happily strapping on the climbing skins once again. The designers of TWIICE adapted their exoskeleton so that it can be used to skin up mountains.

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Seminars and Conférences


BMI SEMINAR // Alain Chedotal – Development; function and evolution of commissural systems


With: Alain Chedotal, Role of axon guidance molecules Lab, Institut de la Vision, Paris, France
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars

BMI SEMINAR // Bosiljka Tasic – TBD


With: Bosiljka Tasic, Molecular Genetics, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, USA
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars

EPFL Neuro Workshop – Vision: from vision research to clinical therapy – POSTPONED due to the Covid-19 situation


With: Anton Arkhipov, Allen Institute – Larry Benowitz, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital – Holly Bridge, Oxford Centre for functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain (FMRIB)
Place and room: Campus Biotech Geneva, Chemin des Mines 9, CH-1202 Genève
Category: Conferences – Seminars

Seed Night 2020

Startup Champions Seed Night 2020


Place and room: RLC E1 240
Category: Conferences – Seminars

BMI SEMINAR // Patrik Verstreken – The cellular basis of Parkinson’s disease


With: Patrik Verstreken, Laboratory of Neuronal Communication, VIB, Gent, Belgium
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars

BMI SEMINAR // Adrienne Fairhall – The role of variability in learning


With: Adrienne Fairhall, Computational neuroscience, University of Washington, USA
Place and room: SV 1717
Category: Conferences – Seminars