Prof. Stéphanie P. Lacour

Stéphanie Lacour

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Bertarelli Chair in Neuroprosthetic Technology Laboratory of Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces (LSBI)

Bioelectronics integrates principles of materials science and electrical engineering to biology, medicine and ultimately health.  The LSBI lab challenges and seeks to advance our fundamental concepts in man-made electronic systems destined to interface the human body and the nervous system. We design and manufacture transducers with mechanical properties close to those of the host biological tissue so that long-term reliability and minimal perturbation are induced in vivo and/or truly wearable systems become possible. We validate the soft bioelectronic interfaces in advanced multimodal characterization tools and ultimately test them in vivo.

Applications include epidural electrode implants for the spinal cord, soft electrocorticography arrays (ECoGs), optoelectronic implants for the peripheral nerves and wearable sensors for hand movement monitoring.


Thin film electronics; soft materials; neural implants; soft mechanical sensors