Neuro X Institute Inaugural event 2022

October 7th, 2022, Campus Biotech, Geneva

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the inaugural event of the newly formed Neuro-X Institute at EPFL. The creation of a new institute is a rare event in an academic institution; we are both excited and humbled with the mission! The Neuro-X institute brings together teams from three EPFL Schools, the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC), the School of Engineering (STI), the School of Life Sciences (SV), to form a collaborative and interdisciplinary community that will lead cutting-edge concepts and research at the crossroad of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and engineering.

Sharing, creating knowledge and know-how are rooted in the very concept of the Neuro-X institute that supports the polytechnic mission of EPFL. We hope to unlock some of the secrets of the nervous system, advance our concepts in AI to explore learning and behavior, and engineer innovative neurotechnologies to treat, cure and prevent neurological disorders and trauma. Close collaboration and exchanges with our neighbouring university hospitals and international medical centres are also central to the institute mission.

We would like to warmly thank today’s speakers who come from all over the world and have generously accepted to contribute to this important day. Each of their presentations will display ideas and methods embodied in engineering, biology and/or computer science and will tackle fundamental and translational neuro-challenges.

Wishing you an exciting and stimulating day across disciplines!

Prof Stéphanie P. Lacour