“E-learning in low connectivity areas”




The E-learning in fragile contexts Project aims to facilitate the deployment of digital training in regions where infrastructure may be limited.

Lack of and unequal access to education is a major obstacle to sustainable development for many populations. This problem is at the root of the Sustainable Development Goal #4 of the 2030 Agenda, which aims to “ensure equal access to quality education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities.

Digitalisation and e-learning tools can play an essential role in the implementation of development projects, especially for education or vocational training. It is a potential solution to guarantee quality training in regions where accessibility is limited due to conflicts. However, it remains very difficult to implement digital education solutions for a large part of the population, who has limited access to the internet due to a lack of infrastructure. Yet, education should be above all inclusive, according to the ‘Leave no one behind‘ approach.

In a context of digital expansion, it becomes urgent to also account for the impact of digital education in terms of energy consumption. High definition videos and streaming are important elements of this consumption that must be assessed, for a greater equity from the point of view of accessibility, but also of the quantities of available energy .

In partnership with the Swiss association for the exchange of personnel in development cooperation (Unité), the EXAF center is going to analyze what are the local needs and obstacles to the development of digital education in fragile contexts, in order to develop a sustainable low-flow digital education system. To do this, we will work on both pedagogical material and infrastructure.               

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The Swiss association for the exchange of personnel in development cooperation (Unité) was founded in 1964. It consists of 13 member organizations that cooperate directly with local organizations in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

In partnership with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Unité is committed to effective, sustainable and fair cooperation with partners in the South.

The project “E-learning in fragile contexts” is co-funded by the SDC as part of its programme contribution to Unité.


For more information about the project, please contact :

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