Prof. Silvestro Micera

Silvestro Micera

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Bertarelli Chair in Translational Neural Engineering Translational Neural Engineering Laboratory (TNE)

The main goal of the TNE laboratory is to develop implantable neural interfaces and robotic systems aimed at restoring sensorimotor function in people with different kind of disabilities (spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation, etc…), starting from basic scientific knowledge in the field of neuroscience, neurology and geriatrics, and investigating further to gain new information by using advanced technologies and protocols.

For this reason, our activities combine (i) technological developments (robotics, implantable neural interfaces, algorithms for closed-loop control and signal processing), (ii) experiments to understand the basic neuroscientific principles of motor control; (iii) integration and test of different types of hybrid neuro-prosthetic systems to restore sensory and motor functions.

Starting from a background on signal processing and closed-loop control, we have been able to enlarge the focus of our scientific activities and now our team has the ability to investigate all the different issues related to the development and test of effective neural and rehabilitation systems. We are one of the few groups in the world able to study all these issues in an integrated and harmonized manner.


Neuroprosthetics, Bionics, Artificial limbs, Bioelectronic Medicine