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Integrative Food and Nutrition Center | IFNC

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Our mission is to tackle the major challenges associated to food and nutrition, and maximise the positive environmental and societal impact of the science and technologies developed in the school. To this effect, we act as an interface between EPFL and the outside business actors.

From challenges to solutions

Facing today’s societal and environmental challenges related to food and nutrition means urgently changing our habits and behaviors. While scientific institutions like EPFL have the education and research expertise, as well as the will to foster innovation, it still exists a gap between science and industry. The IFNC aims to bring together these two worlds, in compliance with EPFL’s three main missions: education, research and innovation.

Latest news from EPFL and abroad

Reinventing cities for a zero-carbon future

The Reinventing Cities competition asked architects to find new uses for vacant and abandoned spaces in cities around the world.

The world’s first app fighting hunger

In a world where we produce enough food for everyone, 821 million people go to bed hungry every night.

Plant-based proteins

Plant-based meat startups have cracked beef, but what about chicken?

Video: Robocrop: the world’s first raspberry-picking robot set to work
Quivering and hesitant, like a spoon-wielding toddler trying to eat soup without spilling it, the world’s first raspberry-picking robot is attempting to harvest one of the fruits.
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