Integrative Food and Nutrition Center

Innovating together across our food systems

Together with our partners we collaborate to develop new technologies that contribute in solving our global food challenges.

Our verticals

Sustainable packaging

Bio-based materials
Smart packaging
Engineering & Processing
Sustainability assessment
Consumer behaviours

Precision nutrition – Healthy ageing

Metabolism & nutrition
Sensing & monitoring data
Computational biology
Protein engineering
Digital epidemiology

Food system digitalization

Machine learning & AI
Complex systems simulation
Hyperspectral imaging
Robotics & photonics
Sensors & tracking

Work with us

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Martin Vetterli

Our planet’s resources are under enormous pressure. A swelling global population coupled with geopolitical and social tensions is fueling climate change, whittling away biodiversity and challenging modern lifestyles […] We must act now to redesign the world’s food systems – how we produce, process, ship and buy the food we eat – to make them more ecologically responsible.

Martin Vetterli, President of EPFL

Latest activities

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Christian Schwab

Christian Nils Schwab
Executive Director

[email protected]
+ 41 79 907 13 02


Natacha Nagornova

Natacha Nagornova
Project Manager

[email protected]
+41 21 693 83 15


Chiara Donini

Chiara Donini

[email protected]
+41 21 693 73 96


IFNC is an interdisciplinary center attached to the EPFL Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA), Centers and Platforms

Associate Vice President – Anna Fontcuberta i Morral

Executive Director – Christian Schwab