The IFNC’s mission

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Our mission is to tackle the major challenges associated to food and nutrition, and maximise the positive environmental and societal impact of the science and technologies developed in the school. To this effect, we act as an interface between EPFL and the outside business actors.

From challenges to solutions

Facing today’s societal and environmental challenges related to food and nutrition means urgently changing our habits and behaviors. While scientific institutions like EPFL have the education and research expertise, as well as the will to foster innovation, it still exists a gap between science and industry. The IFNC aims to bring together these two worlds, in compliance with EPFL’s three main missions: education, research and innovation.

Latest news

PepsiCo joins the IFNC

On November 13, 2020, PepsiCo officially joined EPFL’s Integrative Food and Nutrition Center as a member.

Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley

The Swiss Canton of Vaud, EPFL, EHL Group and Nestlé have joined forces to develop and promote a food and nutrition innovation ecosystem. The initiative was launched on 23 January 2020 at the World Economic Forum in Davos under “Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley”.

Real-time food monitoring for better waste management

Niloufar Sharif, a researcher in food science and technology, recently joined EPFL’s Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology. She is working on a three-year research project that aims to develop intelligent packaging technologies. The solutions will address two of the biggest challenges in food and nutrition: food waste and food safety.