Biological Electron Microscopy Facility

Using electron microscopes to explore the biological world.

The BioEM Facility is a laboratory specialising in the preparation and imaging of all types of biological samples using scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The laboratories are located in the AI building of the School of Life Sciences. For any enquiries about sample preparation, imaging, and training please contact any of the BioEM staff.

Latest news

The BioEM facility has published two articles in Frontiers in Neuroanatomy. One shows how block-face scanning electron microscopy can be used to target specifically labeled structures in brain tissue, and the second describes the software toolset ‘NeuroMorph‘, developed in the facility, for the analysis of 3D models generated from 3D microscopy.

Maclachlan, C., Sahlender, D. A., Hayashi, S., Molnár, Z., and Knott, G. (2018). Block Face Scanning Electron Microscopy of Fluorescently Labeled Axons Without Using Near Infra-Red Branding. Front. Neuroanat.12, 1–8.

Jorstad, A., Blanc, J., and Knott, G. (2018). NeuroMorph: A Software Toolset for 3D Analysis of Neurite Morphology and Connectivity. Front. Neuroanat.12, 59.

Graham Knott, office AI0143
tel: +41 21 6931862