Our Labs

BioRobotics Lab

Works on the computational aspects of loco-motion control, sensori-motor coordination, and learning in animals and robots.

Computational Robot Design & Fabrication Lab

Develops new fabrication and computational design tools for developing robots with new capabilities.

Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Lab

Develops automatic design, modeling, control and optimization methods for distributed systems.

Environmental Sensing Observatory

Investigates the processes that shape snow and ice in mountains and polar regions.

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems

Explores future avenues of AI and robotics at the convergence of biology, engineering, humans & machines.

Learning Algorithms and Systems Lab

Bio-inspired design and intelligence of Aerial Robotics, Swarm Robotics, and Soft Robotics.

MicroBioRobotics Laboratory

Develops the science and techniques of micro-robotics to create next-generation intelligent systems.

Mobile Robotics Systems Group

Develops miniature mobile robots for research in biology and learning sciences.

Neuro-Engineering Lab

Reverse-engineering the fly to understand how animals leverage social information, learn about the world, and generate flexible motor behaviors

Reconfigurable Robotics Lab

Studies & develops reconfigurable and interactive robots that are highly conscious of evolving environments such as in the medical space, metaverse & wearables.

Visual Intelligence and Learning Lab

Our research focus is broadly on Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Perception-for-Robotics.

Visual Intelligence for Transportation Lab

Enables a future where self-driving vehicles, or delivery/social robots will be facts of everyday life.

Translational Neural Engineering Lab

Develops effective neurotechnology to restore sensorimotor function in people affected by disabilities.