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Welcome, to the Courtine’s lab website!


Our mission is to conceive and deploy innovative interventions to restore motor functions after central nervous system disorders, especially spinal cord injury, and to translate our findings into clinical applications capable of improving the quality of life for people with motor impairments.


Please visit the .NeuroRestore website www.neurorestore.swiss to learn more about our mission.


To achieve this goal

We are developing neuroprosthetic systems, robotic interfaces and advanced neurorehabilitation procedures that we combine with neuroregenerative interventions in rodent and primate models of neurological disorders. Using genetically modified mice, optogenetics, viral tools and whole brain imaging, we seek to uncover the neural mechanisms underlying the control of locomotion in intact animals, as well as the processes that reestablish motor functions after neuromotor disorders. We are also performing clinical studies to test the efficacy of our interventions in human patients.



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