User Fees

Fees for instruments of the platform

The facturation is done per minute or per sample, the reservation by slots of half-hour. The current fees are for internal users from EPFL.
Note : The current fees are not eligible for Project Funding by the SNSF.
External users (academic or non-academic) are invited to contact Yann Lavanchy for informations about external fees.

The facility is open 24/7.

Fees for instruments (user operated)

The training fees per user are 100.00 CHF for DSC, TGA, ITC and AFM and 50.00 CHF for all the other equipment that is available in the MHMC.

(The trainings are free of charges for semester students)

Instrument Fees
DSC, (DSC 8000, Perkin Elmer) 12.70 CHF/h
TGA, (TGA 4000, Perkin Elmer) 6.20 CHF/h
ITC, (iTC200, GE Healthcare) 11.70 CHF/h
AFM, multimode 7.00 CHF/h
AFM, Cypher VRS
12.00 CHF/h
DLS, ZetaSizer 7.80 CHF/h
Ellipsometer, (Semilab, SE-2000) 8.50 CHF/h
FTIR, (ThermoFisher Scientific, Nicolet 6700) 5.00 CHF/h
Water Contact Angle (Easy Drop, Krüss)
5.00 CHF/h
UV-Vis (Cary 50 and 100 Bio; Varian)
5.00 CHF/h

Fees for samples analysed by operator

Instrument Fees
GPC 20 CHF/sample