Booking system


From now on, to log in to both the booking system and the CAE, you have to use :

Username : Regular GASPAR username
Password : your SCIPER N°

If you’re still having difficulties logging in to the booking system, try completely closing your web browser (not only the tab) first.


Booking system

Minimum time slot
Light Scattering 1hour 7.80 CHF/h
DSC 4hours (1) 12.70 CHF/h
TGA 2hours (2) 6.20 CHF/h
ITC 1hour 11.70 CHF/h
AFM, multimode 1hour 7 CHF/h
AFM, Cypher VRS 1hour 12 CHF/h

(1)Please note that there is only 1 user per day possible for the DSC. Equilibration time for the DSC and cooling down to room temperature after analysis of all the samples are included in this minimum slot, but won’t be charged.

(2)The minimum time slot is due to the fact that the TGA has to be equilibrated for 1 hour before the measurements. This first hour however will not be charged.

Please use the link below to access the booking system