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ABF-STEM image of BaTiO3

ABF-STEM image of BaTiO3

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You can use CIME equipment according to your individual access rights, but with a maximum of one reservation/experiment per day (reservation is mandatory). Each user needs an individual authorization to come to the EPFL campus and to CIME. This authorization is given by the head of the unit (not by CIME).

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Victor contributed to the development of a novel technique for imaging magnetic field at the nanoscale.


The upcoming seminar by Dr. Marc Willinger from ETH Zürich will take place on 27.5.2021 at 14:00.

Image contest

The winner of Jan./Feb. 2021 image contest is “Seascraper” by France Bourely (LNMC). The March/April contest is still running!

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CIME Office-Hours: During the pandemic, the Office-Hours is held via Zoom, upon request.

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