Hands-on training

For materials science, physics, and chemistry

Due to the complexity of the microscope and to ensure that users are capable of interpreting data correctly, a minimum theoretical background is a prerequisite for training on the microscopes. Please see the requirements for each technique in the relevant training section below.

During the training block, students learn through lectures and hands-on practice how to set up and operate the instrument, acquire data, and interpret them correctly. During the training session, students have the opportunity to study their own samples or test samples provided by our experienced instructors. At the conclusion of this course, student will gain independent access and permission to operate the entry-level instrument. Students doing research can also then pursue advenced training with the CIME staff in order to gain access for the other more advanced instruemnts, depending on their research needs and objectives. Prior experience is required for advanced training on the TEM or SEM, including analytical techniques (EDX and EELS), STEM, and FIB.  

To access training on the electron microscopes, you are required to register to the CIME system and then submit a research proposal (through Office Hours) explaining why training is substantial for your research. The proposal should include a project description, a literature review on the use of microscopy techniques in a similar project, as well as a realistic time-plan for using the instrument. Your proposal will be reviewed among the senior staff at regular staff meetings (weekly). Please note that Office Hours are the only way to submit proposal. Once your proposal is accepted you will be contacted to submit a training application form.

Under normal circumstances, we do our best to accommodate requests but reserve the right to reject applications that don’t justify a substantial and/or immediate need for accessing the instrument. Incomplete applications or those sent by email will not be processed.