Zeiss Gemini

The GeminiSEM 300 can be operated in different modes:

  • High Vacuum (HV) modestandard mode, for analyzing conductive specimens.
  • Variable Presurre (VP) mode – for analyzing non-conductive, strongly gassing or moist specimens without any need for special specimen preparation. The partial pressure in the chamber is between 5 – 30 Pa.
  • Nano VP modeenhanced VP mode with an inserted Beamsleeve aperture below the objective lens. The partial pressure in the chamber is 5 – 150 Pa (350 μm Beamsleeve aperture) or 5 – 40 Pa (800 μm Beamsleeve aperture).

Equipped with:

  • standard Everhart-Thornley secondary-electron (SE) detector;
  • Gemini II column with Inlens (SE) and EsB (Energy selective BSE) detectors;
  • insertable 4 quadrant backscattered electron (BSE) detector;
  • variable pressure secondary electron (VPSE) detector;
  • Oxford Inst. EDX detector

Operated since 2018.