MSE-636a/b Scanning Electron Microscopy Techniques

Next SEM doctoral school

The SEM doctoral school MSE-636 is held two times per year, once in the autumn semester (MSE-636a) and once in the spring semester (MSE-636b).

The next running of the course will be MSE-636a in the Autumn 2020 semester from 9–11 November 2020
This will be an on-line edition !
Course material will be made available by moodle. 

To register for the course please contact your doctoral program.

Autumn 2020 schedule:

9–11 November

1 credit

Monday : 10h15-12h00 ; 13h15-17h00

Tuesday : 08h15-11h00 ; 13h15-15h00 demo

Wednesday : 08h15-12h00 

To register for the course MSE-636 through your doctoral school program.




1) To understand the basics of a scanning electron microscope and its capabilities.
2) To understand the image contrast formation in scanning electron microscopy (SE, BSE, low-kV, resolution).
3) To understand analytical techniques as X-Ray spectroscopy and Electron backscatter diffraction.
4) To understand image formation in environmental SEM.
5) To understand Ion beam techniques (FIB and He-Ion microscopy).
6) To assess the different possibilities and application domains (Materials sciences, biology, crystalline or amorphous materials…).


This intensive course is intended for researchers who are potential new users of scanning electron microscopes. It will provide them with a basic understanding of the instruments, optics of SEM, the imaging modes, the associated analytical techniques EDS, related theories of image formation.

Demonstrations will be given on the microscopes.

Lecture Notes available on Moodle

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