CIME Day 2024

17 April, BC 420


8:30-9:00            welcome coffee

9:00-9:30            General Assembly of CIME

Aleksandra Radenovic/ Marco Cantoni
usage statistics, update on equipment and methods

Metallic nanoparticles: their formation in liquid phase and their behavior in catalytic systems
Prof. Rolf Erni, EMPA Dübendorf
Electron Microscopy Center

10:15-10:45        Coffee

Photonic Microresonators Enable Continuous PINEM and Ultra-High Precise Method for Calibrating EELS Spectrometers
Dr. Thomas Lagrange, SB-IPHYS-LUMES

Uranium reduction by magnetite and mechanism of UO2 formation monitored by low-dose STEM-EELS
Dr. Barbora Bartova, CIME/ENAC-IIE-EML

Tri-layer graphene as membrane and electrode for liquid-phase electron microscopy studies of CO2 electroreduction nanocatalysts
Saltanat Toleukhanova, STI-IMX-INE

The making of a Lewy Body: An in-situ CLEM study of aSyn pathology in an iPSC-derived neuronal model for Parkinson’s Disease
Lukas van den Heuvel, SV-LMN

12:00-13:30        standing lunch and poster session

13:30-13:50       Entering a new era for EELS with a Continuum-K3 spectrometer
Dr. Duncan Alexander, SB-IPèHYS-LSME

Getting help with image analysis at EPFL
Edward Ando, EPFL Center for Imaging

Low-dose cryo-electron ptychography of proteins at sub-nanometer resolution
Berk Küçükoğlu, SB-IPHYS-LBEM

Localized, anodic Al corrosion phenomena studied with electrochemical liquid phase electron microscopy
Morgan Binggeli; STI-IMX-INE

14:35-14:45        Announcement of best posters


6. April: Deadline for registration for poster session (contest for contributed talk based on abstract),  participation and lunch

10 April: deadline for participation and lunch (no poster) and “late” poster (not eligible for talk)
for poster abstract: template on our website

Registration: e-mail with “registration” in the subject to: [email protected]