The JEOL 2200FS is an advanced and unique TEM instrument that covers a range of spectroscopic and other applications. The first of the current-era transmission electron microscopes to be installed in CIME (in late 2008), it has been operational since early 2009. The in-column 

Ω-filter and excellent energy stability make it ideal for energy-filtered studies such as spectrum imaging for compositional or phase mapping, and also zero-loss filtering of images and diffraction patterns to improve contrast and precision by removing the contribution of inelastic scattering. The microscope has also been adapted to take a cathodoluminescence spectrometer system, allowing studies of the optical properties of materials at the nano-scale in STEM mode. STEM mode also benefits from 5 possible detectors (HAADF, ADF, BF, BE and SE) and can also be used for STEM-EELS acquisition, and with 8 k x 8 k images possible using the Gatan Digiscan. A cryo pole piece with large pole piece gap serves multiple functions: cryo-transfer/low-dose studies; providing space for CL mirror insertion; and tomography in TEM or STEM modes. TEM images and diffraction patterns can be acquired digitally on a Gatan 2k x 2k CCD camera, or with large field of view and high, linear dynamic range on image plates. Finally, the ASTAR system installed in 2012 can be used for TEM orientation and phase mapping with a spatial resolution of 2-3 nm.

  • JEOL 2200FS TEM with cryo pole piece; TEM,nano-beam and convergent electron beam modes
  • 80-200 kV Schottky FEG
  • In-column Ω-filter for EELS/EFTEM, managed by Gatan DigitalMicrograph with spectrum imaging plug-in
  • STEM probes for 0.2 nm high resolution – 2 nm analytical
  • Gatan XiClone for high spatial and spectral resolution cathodoluminescence studies in visible wavelengths
  • Gatan 2k x 2k Ultrascan CCD camera
  • Image plate capability
  • Nanomegas ASTAR for orientation and phase mapping
  • Upper dark-field (i.e. HAADF), lower dark-field, bright-field, secondary electron and backscattered electron STEM detectors; the first three recordable with Gatan Digiscan
  • Specimen holders: JEOL standard single tilt; JEOL double tilt; Gatan double tilt/rotate; Gatan model ? high-tilt rotate cryo-transfer; Gatan model ? high-tilt cryo-transfer; Gatan model ? single tilt liquid nitrogen cooled.

Applications: EELS, EFTEM, CL, STEM, cryo EM, tomography, CBED


Image above right: RGB map of cathodoluminescence emission from a population of upright GaN nanowires, with near-bandgap emission in red, sub-bandgap in green, and mixed states in blue. Image courtesy of Duncan Alexander.